Pre/Post Test Unit 13

1) A ________ part is a specially designed part that is designed for a specific job.
A. Special
B. Custom
C. New
D. Plastic
2) Autodesk ________ are two design software products that can be used for designing engineering                 components. 
A. Fusion and Smoke
B. Inventor and Smoke
C. Inventor and Fusion
D. Smoke and Character Generator
3) Another name for 3D Printing is _______.
A. Modeling
B. Rapid Prototyping
C. Photocopying
D. Laser Jet Printing
4) Thinking outside of the box is an essential skill for ________.
A. Packaging manufacturers
B. Graphics designers
C. Robots
D. Engineers
5) Designing from scratch means__________.
A. Taking an existing design and modifying it.
B. Taking an existing design and copying it.
C. Starting a new design from the beginning.
D. Using a scratch mark to start your design from.
6) What is virtual modeling?
A. Modeling a design using clay
B. Modeling a design using card 
C. Modeling a design using computer software
D. Modeling a design using foam
7) ___________ is an export file type used for sending design information to a 3D printer.
A. .stl
B. .iam
C. .ipt
D. .ipn
8) What do the initials CAM stand for?
A. Computer Aided Machining
B. Computer And Making
C. Computer Aided Manipulation
D. Computer Aided Manufacturing
9) Restrictions on the parts of an assembly to control the degrees of freedom are called?
A. Projections
B. Constraints
C. Restraints
D. Work Planes
10) What is it called if a new part design is made from a previous sketch or another part model?
A. Bottom Up Modeling
B. Top Down Modeling
C. Interactive Modeling
D. Adaptive Modeling



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