11.3: Design Activity - Finish Competition Robot

Finish Competition Robot

Student design teams should redesign or enhance their Object Manipulator from Unit 6, Drivetrain from Unit 9, and Lifting Mechanism from Unit 10.  Students will combine these systems using the principles of Systems Integration described above to complete a full competition robot to play the game described in Unit 5.

Design teams should fully model their robot in Autodesk Inventor, and then build it out of VEX Robotics Design System components in real life.  Once built, students should use their knowledge of the VEX System learned in Unit 3 to wire & configure the robot to make it fully functional and ready for competition play.

When designing your Competition Robot, ask yourself the following questions to get started: 

  • What Drivetrain do you want your robot to have?  
  • How is your robot going to manipulate the game objects? 
  • Will you need a lifting mechanism construction to achieve the competition Objective?  
  • How many motors are you going to have to use? 
  • Can you use Passive Assistance? 
  • Does your robot need speed or strength to be competitive?


To be able to complete this activity you should have a basic understanding of the Autodesk Inventor user interface, navigation, and know how to work with Assemblies.  For review, please refer to Appendix 9, 'Basic Inventor Commands Overview' for further information on these.