3.2: VEXnet Joystick

Although many robots are designed to operate autonomously, there are often situations where manual control of a robot is necessary. The VEXnet Joystick allows a human operator to control a robot in real-time using the innovative VEXnet Wireless link. The human operator sends commands to the robot by interacting with the buttons and joysticks on the VEXnet Joystick. These commands are sent to the Cortex Microcontroller via VEXnet signals through a VEXnet USB Adapter Key to one attached to a microcontroller on a VEX robot. The joystick has two 2-axis analog joysticks, four trigger buttons and two 4-button directional pads. It also has an accelerometer that provides X-Y tilt outputs. This allows you to control an arm or drive system by changing the orientation of the joystick (tilting).